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Dan Hartness

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Dan was sought after by the founders over 30 years ago after having worked with him at United Medical/Harco. He brought with him a strong set of skills related to facilities management, materials handling, carpentry, and machine and equipment installation supported by his knowledge of electrical and HVAC systems.

He has been with Omnica through three separate moves and is a task master when managing large-scale remodeling projects. He executes swiftly while producing high-quality results. Anyone who has taken a tour of Omnica will agree with the quality of his work as they covet the collection of tools and equipment they see along the way.

When he isn’t participating in facility management and upgrades at Omnica, he is beautifying his home or building equestrian habitats for his family and friends. One may also find him in his woodworking workshop where he creates unique vessels and objects of art.