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32000 Design Reviews
3000 Completed Projects
10000 Concept Models
35 Years in Business
100000 Machined Parts
2000 Alpha Prototypes
1000 Beta Prototypes
25000 3D Printed Parts
300 User Studies
16 Years Average Tenure

Statement on Covid-19

Omnica Corporation is committed to its ongoing Research and Development programs for the healthcare industry.  These include the development of systems for hospitals and testing laboratories to detect pathogens causing infectious diseases.

In an effort to comply as completely as possible to the California Governor’s Stay at Home order, Omnica is continuing to implement processes where many of our employees will be able to work from home effectively.  We will also be increasing our use of online conferencing to limit client personal contact.

Some of our other critical activities (laboratory, prototyping shops, shipping/receiving, etc.) will necessarily continue during office hours at our Irvine, California facility, where new personal space and disinfecting protocols are in place.

Thank you for your patience during this challenging period.

Earl F. Robinson

President, Omnica Corporation