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Sam Marano

Mechanical Engineering

Sam Marano

In 2016, Sam graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. When he returned to the west coast, he spent nearly four years working with BiVACOR, a startup company that was developing a total artificial heart. There, he was exposed to every aspect of design and development associated with a Class III medical device.

At BiVACOR, he was able to apply all the basic skills of mechanical engineering including 3D CAD modeling, manufacturing processes, circuit design, mechanics of materials, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He was exposed to their entire design and development process, Quality System Regulations, vendor interaction, inspection and assembly of components to post-processing of data and in-vitro and in-vivo testing for FDA approval.

At Omnica, he quickly proved to be an excellent fit and wasted no time demonstrating his ability to evaluate and analyze details associated with user needs and requirements while swiftly creating concepts to test out practical and elegant solutions. He is a quick study, eager to learn, and a professional communicator. His comfort with the nature of development has proven to be most evident.

Outside of Omnica, one can find Sam off-road camping in his Jeep or taking a board up to the mountains or down to the beach.