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Michael Palmer

Mechanical Engineering

Michael Palmer

Michael was raised in Utah and received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. He subsequently moved to Boston to attend MIT where he got his M.S. degree – also in Mechanical Engineering. He returned west to Southern California and spent 20 years in medical device development with an emphasis on upper and lower limb prosthetics at Ossur and Freedom Innovations. During that time, he managed and advanced designs using new sensor technologies while developing the first microprocessor-controlled ankle. He also created technology platforms to launch future products within shorter development cycles. In his work at Design Catapult, a product development and manufacturing consulting firm, he met strategic goals for a robotically-assisted intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) device and took it from concept to fully-functional alpha prototype in only four months. His work within a variety of company quality management systems and knowledge of FDA requirements and design controls has made him a strong addition to the Omnica team.

When he joined Omnica in 2018, he dove right into the culture applying his impressive skill set and proven ability to move product from concept to manufacturing. His expertise in development of electromechanical medical devices fit right in with the typical program catalog at Omnica and his comfort with leading multidisciplinary teams made for an easy transition when engaging with a diverse client base.

He is a consummate professional and has a keen affinity for accessing user needs and can quickly design and deliver functional solutions with our rapid prototyping capabilities.

Outside of Omnica, Michael is active with his wife and three children and enjoys traveling great distances to visit family in India and Utah, and road-tripping around the greater southwest to mountain bike destinations.