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Andy March

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Andy March joined Omnica in 1989 as an Industrial Designer. Before joining Omnica, he worked at Design West and Patton Design in the Southern California region where he designed interiors for aircraft and trains in addition to consumer electronic products. Earlier, he lived in Europe and worked for an Austrian firm designing winter sports equipment.

He experienced the paradigm shift from felt-tipped markers and drawing boards to 2D then 3D CAD. Today, his SolidWorks and CAD rendering talents extend to photo-realistic illustrations that, along with his extensive expertise as a top quality modelmaker, provide “user experience” materials that are part of new FDA compliance guidelines.

Andy has a B.S. in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, a B.S. in Product Design from Arizona State University, and an Associate’s Degree in Architecture from Fullerton College, California.

Bob Mayercheck

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Bob joined Omnica in 2008 after running his own Industrial Design firm for 17 years. As Principal of Mayercheck Design, he directed and managed projects associated with consumer, business, industrial, transportation, and medical products. His body of work now includes more than 35 years of design and development experience associated with over 300 products for U.S. and international clients. He received Industrial Design Excellence Awards for his design of the Hughes Network Systems, M6100 digital cell phone design (1994) and the Snapware airtight dry food storage system (1995). He also received the Chrysler Corporation International Design Competition Award and a design excellence award for his Paradyne, 3400 Series high speed modems.

Bob creates his designs in SolidWorks and uses illustration and 3D rendering programs to develop and advance his designs for photo-realistic presentations and animations. He remains sensitive to the engineering qualities that contribute to Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and leverages his human factors expertise as a member of the ID team.

Bob received bachelor degrees in Design from UCLA and Industrial Design from California State University, Long Beach as well as the graduate MBA program at Cal State Fullerton.

Scott Conway

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Scott joined the Industrial Design team in 1997 bringing years of experience in consumer electronics, computers, computer peripherals, handheld tools, sporting equipment, and footwear. During that time, he traveled to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China to act as liaison between tooling and manufacturing facilities and became well-versed in the art of design for manufacturing (DFM).

Scott has a special talent for contemporary and refined aesthetic designs and, while at Omnica, captured industry attention by producing award winning designs including the enclosure design for the large-scale IBIS/Abbott PLEX-ID system which won the 2009 Wall Street Journal gold innovation award and was also recognized as the year’s second most exciting development by the panel of judges at “The Scientist” magazine.

In addition to his full docket of projects, he continues to advance his design skills beyond the SolidWorks environment to keep up with industry trends in animation and presentation packages to support our client’s marketing efforts.

Scott has a B.S. in Industrial Design from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He continues to challenge his colleagues every year at Omnica’s annual pumpkin “carving/design” contest and has raised the bar by creating designs worthy of Architectural Digest.