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Kevin Christopher

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Kevin spent the first part of his career in the United States Navy onboard nuclear submarines in Pearl Harbor where he received Navy Achievement awards and good conduct medals while performing his duties as an electronics technician. After leaving the Navy, he received his Masters degree (Cum Laude) in electrical engineering at California Polytechnical Institute. His first stop was at Boeing designed analog RF circuits and portable RF systems. He then found his calling in software development and worked on Flight Computer Controls, Flight Critical Real Time Operating Systems, Navigation Systems, and Mission Planning Systems. He then joined BIT Group USA developing software for medical devices using development tools that included Linux, C++, Python, Thermal Modeling, and the like. He worked on development of PCR thermal controls, core development of micro processors and created solutions for mixed signal devices. He has worked with SPI, I2C, UART, CAN and driver development, UDP, TCP and SocketCAN. Later, he worked on Tyvak Nano-Satellite systems as a flight software engineer collaboration with architecture of new avionics based on Xilinx Zynq processor and prototype software.

Omnica welcomed Kevin to the team in 2018 where he hit the ground running developing software for a very sophisticated Class III medical/surgical device. The device is used by neuro surgeons in brain and spinal surgeries and was subsequently cleared by the FDA 18 months later. He is extremely productive and effective and brings confident energy to every team in which he is involved.

When not at Omnica, you can find Kevin teamed up with his wife and two active sons enjoying vacations in the Sierra Mountains, skiing at Mammoth, bicycling, and engineering projects at home.

Kevin Oberkramer

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Kevin joined Omnica as an electronics engineer in 2001 after helping develop a portable medical ventilator in a corporate environment and spending six years with one of Omnica’s competitors. There, he worked on portable gas monitors with flow pump accessories and multiple gas sensor modules, miniature 32-channel data acquisition systems, portable smart card readers, blood separating and concentrating machines, RF metal detectors, and an internet radio.

At Omnica, Kevin became involved in electronics and software development of devices with advanced system controls. He develops systems with advanced embedded firmware requiring multi-processor communication over multi-drop busses with controller-area networks (CAN). He commonly programs FPGAs for performing parallel processing and for running analysis algorithms at real-time speeds (in addition to optimizing the capabilities of the low-level hardware peripherals in the 8, 16 or 32-bit microprocessors used in most of the designs). His circuit design experience includes switching power supplies, sensor interface and signal conditioning, high-sensitivity circuitry, microcontroller and microprocessor interfaces, low-distortion and noise audio circuitry, and digital interfaces. His tools include OrCAD Capture, Altium Designer and Xilinx ISE tool chain. He works closely with technical service groups when testing and evaluating prototype systems for EMC/EMI and safety testing based on IEC 60601 standards.

Kevin received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics from Walla Walla University in the state of Washington

Jared Nathanson

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Jared joined Omnica in 2002 after graduating from San Diego State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a strong background in computer systems, networking, and programming. He has honed his creative problem solving skills in a fast-paced environment while designing PCBA’s including mixed signal analog and digital designs, laboratory instruments, test fixtures, and production equipment with advanced system controls using a variety of embedded software development tools for microprocessors.

When not running around the soccer field with his fellow teammates and following all things SpaceX, he is running around with his young daughters teaching them to be fearless.