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Cardiac Recovery System

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Omnica was part of a multiple discipline team that developed an LVAD related system for animal testing. We were responsible for the packaging, Industrial Design, fluid and electrical inter-connectivity, power supply, user interface, and prototype fabrication. The system was comprised of an “Acute Controller/Console”, a “Chronic Controller Assembly” and “Telemetry-linked Clinical Console”.

IZI Autoloader

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Now common in both the medical and motion picture industries, Omnica helped pioneer radio opaque and retro-reflector markers used in medical telemetry and motion capture applications. DFMA and manufacturing fixtures were also developed for prototyping quantities during development.

Plex ID Universal Pathogen Detector

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Arguably, the most complex project that Omnica has undertaken is the Plex-ID universal pathogen detector. As is common with many projects, the science and core technology was provided by the client. Together, the two teams developed the Product Definition and developed the final product meeting the goal of providing sample reports every 30 seconds.

All of the design, engineering, software, prototyping, and documentation were done in house by Omnica team members except for the GUI and pathogen I.I. database, which were provided by the client (note: since that effort ending in 2009, GUI design has become a specialty at Omnica).

The IBIS/Abbott Molecular PLEX-ID system won the 2009 Wall Street Journal gold innovation award and was also recognized as the year’s 2nd most exciting development from the panel of judges at “The Scientist” magazine.

M-PACT Plaster Saw

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M-PACT® American Orthopedic™ Cast Cutter by M-PACT®, is a heavy-duty, rugged, specialized tool that’s ideal where more than five casts are removed per day. Lightweight, yet powerful, fast and durable. Easy to operate. Quiet operation. Better balance decreases user fatigue. Hexagonal blade mounting system provides positive blade drive and prolongs blade life. Choose plaster or synthetic cast blades. 6.5 lbs.

Ocular Implant

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Omnica assisted in the design of patented Scleral Implants to treat presbyopia and glaucoma, and in the specialized scleratome tools and technique to make the implants easy to install, achieve more accurate placement, improve patient comfort, and decrease surgery time.  The Oculock fixation device secures to the eye insuring correct placement of the lamellar scleral tunnels which are created with an ergonomic disposable scleratome tool.

Intraoral Scanner

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We developed an intraoral scanner for use by dentists to capture optical impressions of both the soft and hard tissues of the dental arches and digitally transfer them to an interface, lab or a computer monitor for printout and interpretation.

Custom Tablet

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Before PC tablets were commonplace (c. 1999), a software company engaged Omnica to design and fabricate a prototype special-purpose tablet to demonstrate its product. Omnica’s Industrial Design, electronics team and rapid prototyping machine shop teamed up to produce a beautiful titanium limited production device to excellent reviews.