We Know Plastics!

Plastics – Application and Evaluation Application of the right plastics and production methods can cut costs and shorten development time. The plastics industry has gone through major changes since Dr. Leo Baekland introduced “Bakelite” in 1909. As recently as a decade ago there were perhaps 35,000 plastic formulations. Now it seems that there are specific… Continue Reading »

Historical Project List

We have developed products for the medical, commercial, and consumer markets for thirty-five years, and have probably worked on a project that has elements in common with the product design challenge you are facing now. Our past and present CLIENTS are our best referrals. Keep in mind that we are bound by confidentiality agreements and cannot publish all… Continue Reading »

Advanced Rendering

Visualization helps communicate concepts There are many ways to represent product concepts, both 2-dimensionally and in 3-D. The methods we select are based on what our customers need. Some can easily visualize forms and colors. For others, it’s nearly impossible to translate variations on a theme in the mind’s eye. In the past we started… Continue Reading »

IVD Development

The Omnica technical staff has been involved in the development of laboratory IVD instrumentation for much of their careers. We have worked with chemiliuminescense, photometric, amperiometric, and fluorescence technologies, and are well versed with clinical and immunoassay analyzers, immunoassay washers, and liquid handling devices. Utilizing chemiluminescence Omnica developed a POC instrument for measuring PSA levels. The… Continue Reading »