Nobel BioCare – Packaging

Nobel BioCare, the world’s largest manufacturer of dental implants, engaged to re-think their current implant packaging. The objective was to consolidate the variety of packaging resulting from a recent acquisition and automate the packaging and labeling process at each manufacturing facility. Our solution cut Nobel Biocare’s production costs by 96%. Nobel was previously using several different opaque injection molded packages and… Continue Reading »

POC Drug Monitoring System

Learn about Omnica The PaperSpray Ambient Ionization system™ can rapidly analyze complex samples including whole blood in 3 to 5 minutes with no sample preparation. The automated system was developed by Purdue University and Omnica for use in the clinical laboratory and other research applications. The platform was developed to analyze minimal sample volumes of… Continue Reading »

Baby Kick Monitor

The kickTrak™ kick counter is a handheld device our design and engineering team developed for a physician who wants to make a difference.   Generally, projects proposed to us by private individuals are not a good fit for our team. The product development process can be overwhelming. Burden of the time requirement for effective project management… Continue Reading »

Biotoxin E.coli Detection Device

Innovative magnetic detection technology brings quicker assays to the laboratory bench. Our entire Electronics and Advanced Services departments were involved in the software development, circuitry design, troubleshooting, and the problem-solving challenges that occurred during development. For this article we interviewed Paul Gleason, a member of that group. Projects that are a technical challenge, and solve… Continue Reading »

Miniature Bar Code Reader:

No Small Acheivement This diminutive scanner reads data matrix barcodes and was developed at Omnica for a special project. It weighs only a tenth of an ounce and is much smaller than any commercially available barcode reader.   Today’s electronic devices gives us more design and engineering latitude. We pushed the size envelope when one of… Continue Reading »

Six Ergonomic Design Guidelines

Today’s multi-functional products can be complex. Often, users of these devices don’t understand their capabilities and have little experience with how they work. Ideally, operational functions can be designed in a way that leads the user to easily perform the desired actions. That’s what we call good ergonomics. Unfortunately the phrase, “ergonomically designed” is more… Continue Reading »