Miniature Bar Code Reader:

No Small Acheivement This diminutive scanner reads data matrix barcodes and was developed at Omnica for a special project. It weighs only a tenth of an ounce and is much smaller than any commercially available barcode reader.   Today’s electronic devices gives us more design and engineering latitude. We pushed the size envelope when one of… Continue Reading »

Six Ergonomic Design Guidelines

Today’s multi-functional products can be complex. Often, users of these devices don’t understand their capabilities and have little experience with how they work. Ideally, operational functions can be designed in a way that leads the user to easily perform the desired actions. That’s what we call good ergonomics. Unfortunately the phrase, “ergonomically designed” is more… Continue Reading »

Advanced Rendering

Visualization helps communicate concepts There are many ways to represent product concepts, both 2-dimensionally and in 3-D. The methods we select are based on what our customers need. Some can easily visualize forms and colors. For others, it’s nearly impossible to translate variations on a theme in the mind’s eye. In the past we started… Continue Reading »