Laser Welding Reduces Development Time

We are not shy about adding needed equipment that will shorten our development time.

55 Watt PicoLaser

55 watt laser is a precision industrial welding instrument  

We operatre a Piccolaser, 55 watt laser welder. It’s a specialty tool that can weld stainless, aluminum, titanium, and other materials that are tough to join. 

The solid state laser is commonly used in the auto, jewelry, dental, and aerospace industries. It is particularly useful for welding thin materials without overheating or significantly affecting their molecular structure. Another benefit, especially for the medical industry, is that post processing is reduced to a minimum. With a 0.2mm focus diameter and precision up to 0.002 inches, we can join extremely small parts and still attain unblemished and undistorted surfaces.

Tip for Surgical Handpiece

The laser welder allows us to fabricate parts that in the past, would have been sent to a niche service bureau for completion. For our customers it means faster product development time. We can make adjustments to small parts on the fly, rapidly testing alternate design configurations.