“TRUST” The theme of our Semi-annual Meeting

“TRUST”  The theme of our Semi-annual Meeting

The firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

Today,  Omnica conducted its semiannual meeting with all employees.    Our theme this time was Trust and how it applies to various relationships in our organization:

Customers to Omnica:   For our customers, trust is a critical belief that we must build and that they depend on.  Our greatest example of trust is the customer who we work with that requires no quotes, or approvals.    They ask, we do, and they pay.  This is the highest example of how trust can manifest with customers.  This is the kind of trust we aspire to with all our engagements.

Employee to Employee:  We trust each other to deliver on our commitments with professionalism.  We could not do what we do without our trust in each other.  We trust others to provide learning when we don’t fully understand something.  We trust each other to help out when needed.  We feel safe to be fully transparent at all times. We always know that our coworkers will have our back in virtually any situation, business or otherwise.

Employee to Employer:   Employees trust Omnica to reliably provide payroll, benefits, infrastructure and tools and equipment.  This is a primary reason we have an average tenure over 18 years.  As a company Omnica strives to maintain and grow that trust with our employees and partners.

Employer to Employee:   Omnica trusts staff to show up and pay attention, to be mindful of security and confidentiality,  to focus on the work that needs to be performed.  take care of customers, represent Omnica in a positive light,  and get things done.

Trust therefore,  is a component of everything we do here at Omnica,  we must continue to live by this if we want to continue to thrive beyond our 37 years in business!


Who We Are

Omnica Corporation is a privately-held design, engineering, and medical product development firm located in Irvine, California. The 28-person company is staffed with full-time employees and has been in operation since 1984. Our speciality is custom product development for the medical industry and industrial fields.

Our expertise is developing complex medical devices.Technical personnel at Omnica includes designers, mechanical engineers, electronic and software engineers, advanced R&D specialists, regulatory staff (for FDA documentation), machinists and model makers.

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