Omnica develops and delivers protection system for blood draws in 7 days

Omnica develops and delivers protection system for blood draws in 7 days

Omnica was contracted by Curative to develop a system that would protect phlebotomist who perform blood draws for serology tests offered by Curative in drive-through locations around the country.

The high level requirements were:

  • Shield the phlebotomist from the patient
  • System materials must be compatible with alcohol and other cleaning solvents
  • Break down to fit in a trunk or back seat
  • Under 50lbs
  • Prototype delivery in 1 week

Needless to say a tall order.

Day 2:  Our industrial design team developed a variety of concepts.

We combined about 5 different concepts and in collaboration with Curative and  determined the concept that we thought was the best given all the constraints.

The system uses disposable plastic bags that allow for rapid cleaning between patients.





Once the concept was decided,  Our mechanical engineers moved quickly into CAD and the concept was finalized.




By day 4 we were ordering parts and as they came in were cutting, and machining etc. It took us another day to prepare all the parts.





Day 6 we assembled and tested.







Day 7 we delivered the fully functional system to the Curative for use in the field.









Curative is currently using the system.

This was a very short project with a very tight deadline for a very good cause!  Omnica could pull something like this together so quickly due to the amount of vertical integration we employ.   We needed multiple in house skills and tools in order to accomplish this on such a short timeline.


Who We Are

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Our expertise is developing complex medical devices.Technical personnel at Omnica includes designers, mechanical engineers, electronic and software engineers, advanced R&D specialists, regulatory staff (for FDA documentation), machinists and model makers.

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