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Tim Payne

Emeritus: Industrial Design Management

Tim Payne

Vice President of Industrial Design, Emeritus Tim recently retired, and was with Omnica since 1995 and brought over 20 years of industrial design and management experience from industry leaders like Design West and Teague. He was involved in the competitive world of automotive design and consumer products and at Omnica, has inspired many innovative and progressive designs for high tech medical devices, laboratory instruments, and consumer products. Tim applies transdisciplinary skills from industrial design, mechanical engineering, ergonomics, architecture, and visual communications to programs that involve human factors engineering and design for manufacturing (DFM). He can swiftly produce comprehensive and photorealistic animations for clients who find them invaluable for marketing presentations and training and is forever exploring the latest cutting edge design tools that push the boundaries of user simulations and virtual reality. As an expert in human factors engineering and evaluation, Tim also works closely with clients in the early stages of development to evaluate user experience (UX) and user needs as they relate to overall product requirements and design for manufacturing.

Tim is also a multi-media artist and sculptor producing outlandish and highly stylized, contemporary, and postmodern works.

He received his B.S. in Industrial Design from California State University, Long Beach.