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Paul Gleason


Paul Gleason

In 1982, this Loyola and UICC alumnus was working as a high-end audio engineer when he and a group of colleagues combined career interests to found Ocean Scientific, in southern California. As that company evolved in the design and manufacturing of medical diagnostic instrumentation, Paul’s focus turned to business development and project management and the company was renamed Source Scientific. He subsequently spent many years traveling throughout the EU developing relationships with some of the largest players in the diagnostics and instrumentation space.

Among Paul’s many areas of expertise is optically-based, point-of-care laboratory instrumentation. He worked on an automated sample processor for the first FDA-approved DNA probe test which directly detected specific microbial agents. He played major roles in developing products for Merck, Roche, B-D, Sorin Biomedica, and others. Paul joined Omnica in 1997.

In 2015 he was promoted to Senior Vice President at Omnica and serves on its management team. Paul is a hands-on project manager of products ranging from diagnostic instruments to Class III medical devices. He has conducted business in Europe and Japan, speaks 3 languages, knows many of the movers and shakers in the diagnostic device world, and is familiar with the world-wide regulatory environment.