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Mike Ammerman

Prototyping and Model Making

Mike Ammerman

Mike came to Omnica in 2001 with over 20 years of experience in model making and prototyping for the Industrial Design industry. He had previously been with Herbst Lazar Bell, Moll Industries, Compression Engineering, Patton Design, Model Technics and Design West (where he was VP of their Model Development division).

Mike has built a wide range of models ranging from full-size replicas of Soviet army tanks to tiny cast gears for miniaturized mechanisms. He is an expert in the art of silicone molding and urethane casting, machining metals and plastics, and prototype assembly. He can swiftly incorporate iterative changes as designs evolve or can produce multiple options for selecting different design solutions. He has mastered a full range of rapid prototyping tools and equipment such as 3D additive printers, cnc machining, investment casting, 3D wax printing, Laser etching/cutting, CAM water jet cutting, etc.

Mike’s CAD design skills have resulted in product design, tooling and production assembly fixtures, low volume, low pressure molds, proof-of-concept assemblies.

Mike is a long-standing member of the Association of Professional Model Makers.