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Mark Mossberg

Mechanical Engineering

Mark Mossberg

Mark came to Omnica in 1997 as a specialist in 3D CAD/CAM design and programming techniques for precision machining of injection molds made on sophisticated CNC machines. He is an expert in 3D CAD software and one of few SolidWorks users who is invited to the Desault headquarters in Boston regularly to assess their latest software revisions.

Mark expertise includes injection molded part design and he acts as liaison between the designers and machinists to ensure good engineering practices and proper material selection. He is part of our team that responds to our clients’ often asked to investigate root cause analysis of problematic complex molded part assemblies.

Before coming to Omnica, Mark spent 10 years as a manufacturing engineer for Alps Mfg. where they designed and manufactured keyboard sub-assemblies for companies like HP, Apple, Dell, IBM, Ford, GM, Nissan and other OEMs. He specialized in automation design while also managing the machine shop. Prior to that, Mark worked with Odetics in their R&D division where they designed and developed high-resolution video equipment for use in satellite surveillance for the DoD.