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Dylan Boyle

Mechanical Engineering


Dylan joined Omnica in 2020 having worked the previous two years as a Mechanical Engineer at Diality, a medical device startup developing a dialysis machine. While at Diality he selected and evaluated critical sensors including a flowmeter, bubble detector, and load cell. Two major contributions to the device include the invention of a liquid volume sensor and the design of a disposable flow-through pressure transducer.

Dylan entered the workforce in 2013 as a Mechanical Engineer at Quasar Federal Systems. At QFS, Dylan designed electromagnetic sensor enclosures for defense contracts such as airborne antenna detection, underground tunnel detection, and projectile detection. During that same time, he also worked at the sister company GroundMetrics where he planned the manufacturing timeline for a capacitive oil detector, wrote assembly instructions, and joined in 4 field operations.

In 2015 Dylan joined a microfluidics research lab at UC Irvine, where he designed a battery operated piezoelectric driver and application to demonstrate the portability of microfluid chips. He also helped develop cancer detection technology which isolates free cancer cells in blood samples. Shortly afterwards he entered the Medical Device community in earnest, reviewing and analyzing medical device malfunction reports in the FDA’s MAUDE database. As a consultant Dylan also developed an query tool to capture and summarize MAUDE data for post market surveillance.

In his free time, Dylan can be found fermenting kombucha tea and gardening in the backyard with his wife.

Dylan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego, and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Irvine.