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Andy March

Industrial Design

Andy March

Andy March joined Omnica in 1989 as an Industrial Designer. Before joining Omnica, he worked at Design West and Patton Design in the Southern California region where he designed interiors for aircraft and trains in addition to consumer electronic products. Earlier, he lived in Europe and worked for an Austrian firm designing winter sports equipment.

He experienced the paradigm shift from felt-tipped markers and drawing boards to 2D then 3D CAD. Today, his SolidWorks and CAD rendering talents extend to photo-realistic illustrations that, along with his extensive expertise as a top quality modelmaker, provide “user experience” materials that are part of new FDA compliance guidelines.

Andy has a B.S. in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, a B.S. in Product Design from Arizona State University, and an Associate’s Degree in Architecture from Fullerton College, California.