Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring: Interview with Jiang Li, CEO at Vivalink | Medgadget

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Blood pressure is a crucial factor in cardiovascular health, but measuring it using conventional pressurized cuff systems in a doctor’s clinic is prone to unreliable results. A one-off measurement merely offers a clinician with one snapshot in time, potentially missing an intermittent issue. However, patients can also be prone to “white coat syndrome,” where anxiety during such measurements can lead to significantly misleading results. Continuous measurements are preferable, but pressure cuff-based systems are cumbersome and inconvenient to wear on the move. This has inspired cuffless monitors, but some of these, such as optical systems, are prone to accuracy issues. Vivalink, a medtech company based in California, has created a cuffless blood pressure patch that the company reports is less prone to such issues. 

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