R&D and Advanced Technical Services

Feasibility and technical problem solving are critical aspects of today's complex medical devices and IVD diagnostic instrumentation. New technologies are often inspiring, but they can also introduce a new set of challenges. Our Advanced Technical Services Group can help turn those challenges into opportunities by determining if an IP or core technology can become the basis of a manufacturable medical product.


Specialized talent for complex projects


Clients frequently pose questions for which we initially have no answer. They may ask, "Can you combine this new technology or our I.P (Intellectual Property) with the existing state-of-the-art to develop a manufacturable medical device?" When we are faced with a project like this, or one that requires a custom test fixture, a novel production process, or solving a component failure mode, we task two to five specialized individuals to explore the possibilities.


Work initiated by this team, supported by our other in-house services, defines why "we are equipped to undertake the high-tech and complex projects other companies simply cannot." Individuals in this team have backgrounds in laboratory automation and instrumentation, biomedical engineering, high-level electronics, and complex system integration.


Our experience has shown, together, their problem-solving capabilities are greater than what can be accomplished working alone. A third of the projects we are involved in require clinical solutions before they can move forward. It is our project management and these task-directed groups, that give us the capacity to find novel solutions for our client's most promising challenges.


R&D and Advanced Technical Services: