Learn about Omnica

When you experience a tour of Omnica you will be surprised. The entire rear of the building houses one of the most well equipped rapid prototyping and machine shops on the West coast. Visit our facility and you will see fully-equipped machine, sheet metal, wood, urethane casting/molding shops, electronics assembly and testing areas, a process development lab, injection molding machines, FDM rapid modelmaking, PolyJet printers, and a professional paint spray booth to add the finishing touch to prototypes and models.


Based on your needs we can use many methods to model and prototype the first articles of your project. The best choice could depend on cost, accuracy, speed, appearance, ruggedness, or any combination of the above. Whatever the decision, we can do it here. We can prototype and build first articles of everything we design.


Extensive in-house modelmaking, prototyping, and machining capabilities allow us to save time and offer our customers two significant benefits.

  1. Omnica designers and engineers suffer no gaps in the development process if they don't have to wait for service bureaus or outside shops to create or modify parts for fit, testing, and function.
  2. We operate on our schedule, and are able to implement minor prototype and model design changes in hours, rather than days.

You can learn more about our modelmaking and prototyping abilities in our Product Development Resources section.