Custom, Cost Effective Diagnostic Cart

We have received many inquiries about the “computer cart” in our print advertisements. It was custom designed and built for Volcano Therapeutics, based in Southern California. It houses their proprietary cardio-diagnostic product which will be used in clinics and physician’s offices.


The three-piece case is rotationally-molded of polyethylene.

The case is scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. Another interesting element of the design is the integrated custom keyboard. With the help of a vendor we have been working with for many years, we developed a completelyCustom computer cart sealed (one piece of rubber) 76-character keyboard specifically designed with Volcano Therapeutics’ special key labels and functions. Earl Robinson, Omnica's President, maintains that you could spill ice cream on it and easily clean the surface afterwards. Cleanliness is one thing, but what is perhaps most impressive is the tactile action of the keys themselves. The typical stiffness of silicone keypads is almost completely absent. One can actually type documents with it.


Cost of the cart itself was only a portion of the diagnostic device we designed and engineered, so it is impossible to identify its exact price tag (but we have a pretty good idea). Compared to the parent project, however, the cart represented a fraction of the overall development cost. For Volcano Therapeutics, the time and effort required to house their product in a custom-designed cart made sense. They wanted to present their device as a fully-realized, stand-alone product, that would be instantly recognizable in the marketplace.


Customers always ask if the cart is available for purchase. The short answer is that it is not possible to modify the existing product to make it universally acceptable. A reasonable alternative would be to call and discuss your needs with us. We can design one specifically for you. If you have an existing device or product, perhaps we could reconfigure it into a more usable form factor. Why not combine function and aesthetics into a cost-effective, custom package?  


Are you interested in having us design a custom cart for you? Learn more about our capabilities and resources at www.omnica.com