Our Amazing Modelmaker – Meet MIke

Mike brings confidence and experience that boosts our modelmaking resources to state-of-the-art levels.


Mike Ammerman, Model Shop ManagerEveryone at Omnica believes they have the best job in the house. On the “bliss scale”, however, no one comes close to Mike Ammerman’s score. He is our Modelshop Manager (picture at left). His job is to build and construct models from materials like aluminum, foam, urethane, and acrylic, to name a few.


Mike has been building models professionally for over 30 years.


In that time he has built hundreds of mock-ups, replicas, and duplicates of existing and conceptual products. The list of models he has constructed is amazing, ranging from tiny electronic component modules to a 25-foot long fiberglass military tank (see picture at right).

Model of Russian T-72 tank.



We asked Mike to explain how modelmaking has changed over the years. “There is more to modelmaking today than there was in the past. When I started, everything was built from hand drawings in mostly acrylic and foam. CAD has influenced the precision of models, and exotic materials like the new urethanes can mimic some engineering plastics. Models can be constructed faster and much more accurately these days. Those two factors have made modelmaking a more integral part of the design process. Customers are asking for models more often for product testing and sales demonstrations. It makes a big difference when you can hold something in your hand.”


He can model just about anything.


Mike believes the greatest contribution he makes to the team effort is the confidence that he can figure a way to model just about anything. His confidence is a gift he continues to develop by constructing even the most complicated models starting from sometimes only a hand sketch. His abilities benefit our customers by enabling us to explore colors, form factors and different durometers – much faster than  “pre-Mike” days. Come visit and we’ll show you what he can do.



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