Single Database Software Speeds Design and Engineering

SolidWorks® keeps our designers and engineers in-sync.


As a participant in the high-technology industry, we rely heavily on rapidly evolving computers, machine tools, and CAD/CAM packages to perform our assignments efficiently. Now that designers, engineers, and machinists are on the "same page", projects move faster and much more smoothly that they did years ago.


Today, we build entire projects around the SolidWorks® database, all the way from initial concepts to CNC machined models, injection molds and the first-articles. Our design, engineering, and machining departments use comparable information so change orders can be clearly communicated at any stage in the process. Service bureaus can use that same database to build stereolithography parts. The original computer files can also be used to produce photo-realistic renderings, animations, assembly illustrations, patent drawings, and instruction manuals.