Microbial Testing System Device Uses Magnetic Particle Detection

Below is the un-edited press release which describes a recent project Omnica Corporation (www.omnica.com) contributed to for Centrus International, a division of Eastman Chemical Company. Note: As of 2006, Centrus International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neogen Corporation. View Case Study.


We were involved with the project from the initial concepting phase and performed all of the industrial design, mechanical and electronic engineering and software development for the Envisio™ microbial testing system and magnetic particle reader cassette. We did not develop the chemistry for the system. 


Centrus International Introduces Soleris™ and 
Envisio™ Microbial Testing Systems

Advanced technologies provide rapid, sensitive and accurate tests for pathogens and routine organisms


Kingsport, Tenn. (February 21, 2005) – Centrus International, Inc., a new global diagnostics business, introduces a suite of microbial testing systems to rapidly detect contamination in products and raw materials. The Soleris system (formerly BioSys) and the Envisio system provide rapid microbiology testing solutions for food, dairy, meat and nutraceutical processors, and additional industrial markets. Centrus’ diagnostics portfolio tests for pathogens, such as E. Coli O157, as well as routine organisms such as coliform bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus, Listeria environmental, yeast and mold, and lactic acid bacteria.

Envisio hand

“Centrus’ cutting-edge technology decreases time-to-result in microbial testing,” says Jeffrey C. Needham, general manager, Centrus. “Faster results mean quicker, better-informed decisions, allowing competitive businesses to enhance their efficiency and minimize costs, while still ensuring the overall quality of their product."


[At right is the Envisio™ system. Image not included in the original press release]


Rapid Optical System
The Soleris 32 and Soleris 128 are rapid optical systems that enable manufacturers to screen raw materials, products or environments for early contamination of microorganisms. Featuring an innovative combination of photo detection, ready-to-use assays and advanced Windows-based software, the Soleris system accurately measures microbial growth by monitoring pH and other biochemical reactions that generate a color change as microorganisms in the vial broth grow and metabolize. Results are often available in hours, rather than days. In fact, Soleris is so sensitive it can detect a single organism per vial. The Soleris 32 and Soleris 128 automated test systems feature unique ease-of-use, accuracy and sensitivity, all vital to ensure test reproducibility and repeatability.


Magnetic Detection Technology
The Envisio system is designed to provide rapid, accurate test results for E. coli O157 contamination. The heart of the system is an innovative application of proven technical components. The system uses antibodies to attach superparamagnetic particles to assay targets. A unique membrane-based test strip then captures target organisms in a detection zone where remarkably sensitive induction coils detect small changes in a magnetic field.


[Below is the assay cassette used in the Envisio™ system. Image not included in the original press release] 

This combination of proven technical components and innovative magnetic detection technology enables the Envisio system to detect contaminants in an enriched sample at concentrations much lower than other available methods. This lower detection threshold delivers shorter enrichment times and enhanced sensitivity, reducing the time from test sample to test result. The Envisio system provides faster results with uncompromised accuracy, providing food and meat processors with the data they need to make informed decisions affecting their business.


“Our customers’ livelihood depends on quick and confident decision making,” says Dr. Dominique Sorgeloos, managing director business operations. “Centrus product platforms are designed to provide fast, actionable microbial test results that our customers can trust.”


Centrus International, Inc.
Located in Kingsport, Tenn., U.S.A., Centrus is a global diagnostics business, providing innovative solutions that improve the lives of its customers. Centrus customers include leading manufacturers in food processing, meat, dairy, nutraceutical and other industrial diagnostics markets where timely, accurate actionable information is essential to making important business decisions. Centrus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE-EMN), and its products and services are available directly and through its business partners worldwide. For more information about Centrus and its products, visit www.centrusinternational.com.


For more information, please contact Richard Fountain, marketing and communications manager, Centrus International, Inc., tel: 423-229-5986.