5 Reasons Why Omnica is a Unique Design and Engineering Resource

1.  Medical device development is our core business.


We're not an assembly house, a plastics molding company, or a manufacturer pretending to be a full-service product development firm. We don't spend time filling the pipeline for a manufacturing arm or servicing horizontal markets. Our specialty is the integration of complex technologies and systems into real products.


2.  Our in-house teams have diversified backgrounds and multi-industry expertise.


Most are long-term employees who anticipate each other's needs and are comfortable working together. Low turnover means that when you are ready for a next-gen series of development activity, critical members of the team who worked on your project will likely be available.


The unwritten information they share regarding an earlier iteration of a development program is in-depth knowledge a new team could not  possibly know. Industry terms the phenomenon “tribal knowledge” – insights which can substantially affect project timelines. These qualities equip us to handle highly technical projects with little ramp-up time.


3.  We continue to invest in unique time-saving tools found only in specialized machine shops and niche service bureaus.


Our equipment list (too long for this article) includes a waterjet, FDM modelers, sheet metal equipment, plastics forming and casting tools, CNC machinery, injection molding, and micro-machining workstations.

Extensive resources enable us to prototype and build all of the in-house projects we design, trimming significant time (sometimes months) from development programs. In most cases we have the ability to control the entire design process, start to  finish, with little or no outside help.




4.  You know exactly how your money is being used.


Years ago we developed a new revolutionary software program we call ”TimeUser”. For each of our clients it allows us to track time allocated, and capture the work history of multiple tasks associated with their project. These activities are converted to manpower logs, which are used to create weekly invoices. Every step of the way, we can update clients on all that has been accomplished on their project.


The TimeUser database we've compiled since its inception benefits our future clients in another way. When we build proposals for new projects, we have the ability to compare current requirements with similar projects developed in the past. With an average of 100 development programs per year, we’ve compiled a huge project database. Access to these cost reference points adds a significant degree of reliability when we're attempting to anticipate the probable scope of a new challenge.



5.  Most of our business comes from referrals and returning customers.


A number of firms rely on us as their design and engineering “hired guns”. Some of these relationships span multiple product generations over many years. For example, one client for whom we developed their original infusion pump controller has employed Omnica for the second and third generation iterations, spanning a period of 20 years.



The continued viability of a career or the future of a start-up venture can hinge on the successful introduction of a new product or technology. Once the decision to outsource has been made, the search for the right partner and the right fit becomes all important. Since it is difficult to differentiate companies strictly by their marketing materials, we recommend a personal visit to gain a realistic understanding of how their culture, facility and personnel can help you reach your business goals.