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Our team of  industrial designers take an engineering-oriented approach to Industrial Design and create medical and high-tech products that are functional, cost-effective, visually appealing, and manufacturable.
Industrial design team



The team embodies more than 125 years of experience designing everything from simple products to complex electro-mechanical medical devices. They have a comfortable working knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronic design principles, familiarity with polymer selection and the principles of design for manufacturing (DFMA).






Industrial Design teams are not created equal

  • Our industrial designers are involved throughout the entire product development process, not just on the front end during conception and initial design.
  • They work closely with our in-house mechanical and electronic engineers to solve challenges that most industrial design teams are not equipped handle, or trained to undertake.
  • They use the same SolidWorks™ 3D modeling program as the mechanical engineers to ensure design intent integration and a smooth hand-off to the technical engineering portion of each project.


Our industrial design professionals complement the other Omnica teams by following design for manufacturing (DFM) principles from the beginning of the project, significantly reducing costly design changes that could occur late in the game. Their design for manufacturing experience puts them in a unique position to work quickly, and at the same time anticipate design, production and manufacturing issues before it's too late to address them expediently.


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