Feasibility and Phase 0 Innovation

Innovation is a subject we discuss a lot at Omnica. Most design and engineering firms could make the same statement, but not in this case, since one of the exceptional ways we innovate is rare in the product development world. The singular service I'm referring to is pre-development, the critical proof-of-concept and feasibility activities prior to design and engineering. We call itAdvanced Medical Optics 2 "Phase 0".


Our R&D and science group excels in answering the client question, "We're not sure this is going to work. Can you help us determine if it is possible to take this idea and leverage it into a manufacturable medical device?" This is not the same as asking for help with a new iteration or a next generation product. The client wants to know if their intellectual property, new technology, or rudimentary prototype represents a rabbit hole or a new opportunity. 

The customer who hires us for this type of specialized activity wants to limit their time and financial exposure by exploring unproven, concept-type projects, in an ordered and scientific manner before they commit to a full-blown development program. We have performed this service for both start-ups and well-established firms like Tecan, J&J Ethicon, Medtronic Minimed, Volcano Therapeutics, Alcon, Advanced Medical Optics, and others.