Electronics and Software

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Most of the systems we develop require electronic engineering and software development capabilities on some level. Our electrical engineering team can handle electronics and software challenges from conventional designs to highly sophisticated, fully integrated systems.


We have the experience to solve the electronics engineering challenges that are critical in medical, diagnostics, robotics and other high-tech product development. Our electronics department can augment your in-house resources, or we can work independently to offer almost any level of electronics development services you are likely to need or imagine. In addition to circuit design and breadboarding, we can develop high-level analog and digital designs, and complex mechanical systems with embedded electronics.


The average Omnica tenure of our EEs is almost 14 years, and our senior people have been in the industry much longer, bringing extensive experience in product development and other electronics related businesses to the table. Our EEs follow the same business model as the other professionals at Omnica. They have access to the most advanced tools and up to date resources, and continually interact with our other technical and design diciplines. This extraordinary arrangement enables our firm to develop systems more quickly and efficiently than other product development organizations.


Electronics and Software Services

  • Software code
  • Analog/Digital design
  • EMI / RFI compliance
  • Embedded systems
  • CMOS / CCD digital design
  • PLDs and FPGA
  • Surface Mount and Flex circuits
  • Multi-layer PCB design