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AMI Purdue PAPER SPRAY PaperSpray Ambient Ionization System for Purdue University – Point-of-care therapeutic drug monitoring system uses mass spectrometry to analyze whole blood in 3 to 5 minutes without sample preparation. The system comprises the Omnica designed disposable cassette … Continue reading

Abbott PLEX ID

Abbott PLEX ID Plex-ID® rapid microbial screening and identification system for Ibis Biosciences® – This is the only high-throughput platform that offers broad identification, detailed genotyping, characterization, and recognition of unknown microorganisms. The device uses PCR for gene amplification, and … Continue reading


MiniMed PARADIGM Minimed Paradigm® for MiniMed (now Medtronic) – This percutaneous insulin infusion pump is the basis for a family of wearable and water-resistant insulin pumps. It supports three basal programs and a bolus delivery option. We developed a custom, … Continue reading

Mallinckrodt HELIOS

Mallinckrodt HELIOS HELiOS® Personal Oxygen System for Nellcore-Puritan-Bennett®– The portable oxygen conserver is designed for the ambulatory patient in a home care environment. It is the smallest and lightest portable liquid oxygen system on the market that lasts up to … Continue reading

Inogen ONE

Inogen ONE Inogen One® Portable Oxygen Concentrator System for Inogen® – This concentrator is a device that cleans nitrogen from ambient air, and supplies a continuous flow of pure (about 95%) oxygen to the user by way of a nasal … Continue reading

Cardiac Assist System

Cardiac assist system Designed models of the blood shunt pump. Performed human factors, industrial design, packaging, and demonstration models.  

TherOx DownStream System

Therox AO SYSTEM TherOx DownStream System® for TherOx® – Caster-based mobile Class III medical device used to hyper-oxygenate the patient's blood and deliver it to the coronary arteries for minimizing damage to the heart muscle after myocardial infarction. The system  … Continue reading


Volcano INTRAVASCULAR ULTRASOUND Thermastar™ for Volcano Therapeutics – Intravascular thermography device for research. This system measures minute interior artery temperature changes and identifies areas where arterial plaque may form. We proved feasibility of the client's proprietary arterial catheter, and based … Continue reading

Freedom Innovations KINTERRA

Freedom Innovations KINTERRA Kinterra Foot and Ankle System™ for Freedom Innovations® – The system the new state-of-the-art for adjustable prosthetic ankles, which features internal temperature fluid compensation, and a mechanism fitted with industrial-quality seals, rendering it virtually maintenance free.  It … Continue reading

Ellipse Technologies ERC

Ellipse Technologies ERC Magec™ External Remote Controller for Ellipse Technologies – The controller is a portable, hand held unit that uses permanent magnets to non-invasively adjust the length of rods that have been surgically implanted in the spine. We were … Continue reading