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MRP Pain Pump Controller

MRP Pain Pump Controller Key fob-sized controller for implantable pain management device. Concepting and built models.

MAR Magnetic Assay System

MAR™ Magnetic Assay System MAR™ Magnetic Assay System for MagnaBiosciences  – Commercialization of a patented platform capable of performing detection of chemical and biologic agents for research and diagnostics. We developed the magnetic detector and disposable cassette, and converted the … Continue reading

Trans Cranial Doppler

Trans Cranial Doppler This was a prototype unit designed to fit the 95 percentile of patients. We performed extensive focus group testing and developed a comfortable patient-device interface for detection of biological particulate in the carotid artery leading to the … Continue reading

Ampliview Biological Sample Device

Ampliview™ Biological Sample Collection Device Plastic part design, Rapid prototyping, user interface, and realistic renderings.

Terumo Heart DURAHEART 2

DuraHeart LVAD™ cardiac assist device Battery-powered and wearable ventricular assist device. We designed packaging and design engineering of integrated system. We fabricated models of the device and accompanying battery charger. Industrial design, ergonomics, DFMA


Envisio™ for Centrus International Multiple pathogen detection system for the food service industry. This desktop instrument analyzes para-magnetic microparticles impregnated in a disposable assay test cassette to determine the presence of E.coli and other pathogens. The benefits are sensitivity, speed, … Continue reading

MiddleSoft Tablet

Prototype Magnesium Tablet Start-up company hired us to develop a tablet-type device, before tablets existed, which they could use to demonstrate proprietary software. We performed ID, user interface/ergonomics, mechanical engineering and machined two prototypes at our facility.

Nellcor Puritan Bennett HELIOS

HeLiOs™ liquid oxygen home storage supply This bulk oxygen supply container was to be used to refill the Omnica-developed portable HeliOs oxygen delivery system line. We performed industrial design and built a model of the keg-sized storage unit.

Case Study – HELiOS® Personal Oxygen System

Portable Oxygen Conserver Provides COPD Patients a 10 Hour Supply in an Ultra-compact Package. The HELiOS® Personal Oxygen System is designed for the ambulatory patient in a home care environment. It is the smallest and lightest portable liquid oxygen system … Continue reading

Abbott Infusion Pump Cassette

Abbott Infusion Pump Cassette This high-volume consumable was engineered for the Gemstar™ pole-mounted infusion pump we previously designed and developed for Abbott. We proposed many variations of the injection-molded cassette which could be easily inserted and removed from the body … Continue reading