Monthly Archives: August 2013

Freedom Innovations KINTERRA

Freedom Innovations KINTERRA Kinterra Foot and Ankle System™ for Freedom Innovations® – The system the new state-of-the-art for adjustable prosthetic ankles, which features internal temperature fluid compensation, and a mechanism fitted with industrial-quality seals, rendering it virtually maintenance free.  It … Continue reading

Ellipse Technologies ERC

Ellipse Technologies ERC Magec™ External Remote Controller for Ellipse Technologies – The controller is a portable, hand held unit that uses permanent magnets to non-invasively adjust the length of rods that have been surgically implanted in the spine. We were … Continue reading

NeoMatrix HALO

NeoMatrix HALO Halo® Breast Pap Test for NeoMatrix (now HALO Healthcare) – An FDA approved device for non-invasive breast cancer screening. HALO is an automated system that collects nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) which is then analyzed for cellular abnormalities. It … Continue reading